Experienced Guardian Ad Litem

Whether or not two parents are divorcing or were never married, the best interests of the couple's children need to be at the forefront of every child custody case. When parties cannot agree on a custody or visitation arrangement, the courts may intervene. This process can include the appointment of a guardian ad litem (GAL) to ensure that the child is thoroughly protected.

Though guardians ad litem are appointed by the court, attorneys who are appointed as GALs are typically highly knowledgeable and extensively experienced in the area of family law. At the Law Office of Kimberly A. Schulte, LLC, our firm's founding lawyer is one of these individuals. Having handled family law and child custody cases for more than 20 years, attorney Kimberly A. Schulte is a guardian ad litem who is dedicated to those she is representing, whether they be adults or children. She has been appointed as a GAL numerous times since 1999, having handled more than 100 cases as a guardian ad litem.

Responsibilities Of A Guardian Ad Litem

When a guardian ad litem is appointed in a custody or visitation matter, it is up to this GAL to assess the entire situation. This includes investigating the family members involved, learning more about the child and the relationships between all family members, especially those who have direct contact with the child. Once the investigation is complete, the GAL compiles the information and provides the court with a report, including a recommendation as to where the child should live, how the parents should have access and why these determinations were made.

Attorneys who are considered for appointment as GAL, such as Ms. Schulte, are highly regarded by the courts. She takes her appointments and the children's well-being very seriously, working tirelessly to see that her report to the court is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

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